At 525 seats, the Leavitt is able to host some of the bigger name acts that come through Ogunquit. Look for updates on 2020 scheduling to be revealed in the coming months.


From first-run to art, classics, silent film, and festivals. For ninety-six years the Leavitt has been a premiere film exhibitor. We now have the capability of showing both DCP Digital and 35mm film. This summer we look forward to lighthearted comedies as well as the new crop of superheroes. Our silent film series is featured on alternating Thursdays. Jeff Rapsis plays a unique live score for each screening. Be sure to catch JAWS, the Spielberg beach town classic.


The Leavitt is available for use for private events and movie screenings room with very affordable rates. It’s a perfect idea for a surprise party, anniversary celebration, a marathon of your favorite show with friends, video game night, date night, or any customized experience. Enjoy a fully stocked and loaded bar and catering options. 


In years past the Leavitt was known as a ceremonial space as high school graduates from Wells High walked across the stage to receive their diplomas. Today the Leavitt is once again being used as a place of ceremonial congregation, this time for the weddings of happy couples. With natural historic beauty of wood, steel, and tin, the Leavitt has the unmistakable charm of being from another era. It seats over 500, and as an indoor venue it is safe from the elements. Inquire for availability and rates.